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ZNA Gathering


Tuesday 22 August 2017


Montargil Lake, Portugal


22nd - 28th August 2017


140 Euros




Psytrance and chill-out stages plus kids and healing areas


ZNA Gathering

22nd -28th of August 2017

Montargil Lake in Portugal

Join us at our unique location in the middle of nature, amid the trees and next to a lake and experience the sounds and feelings of the recent past at our friendly, atmospheric gathering

The ZNA Gathering is created with love for dancers by dancers with long-established members of the global trance scene providing the music

Dancefloor :: in the cool shade of an old pine wood and a few meters from the lake the dancefloor is an area for physical and spiritual sharing, a space dedicated to transcendence. We believe the line-up truly represents the golden age of Psi-Trance that we all miss and love so much.

Confirmed Acts:

* Alex Tolstoy * Battle Of The Future Buddhas * Beat Bizarre * Eat Static * Human Blue *

* Indoor Vs Phreaky * Jan Muller Vs Marcus Maichel * Logic Bomb Vs Tranan * Man With No Name * Miranda *

* Oforia * Ree.K * Space Cat Vs DNA * The Delta * The Infinity Project * Ticon * Transwave * X-Dream *

Chill Out :: Dedicated to psychill ambient and downtempo sounds. This area invites softer moments in a cosy psychedelic nest. The musical program is designed to meet various levels of relaxation at specific times of the day, always in tune with the rest of the gathering. Our Chill Master has created three layers inside the Chill Out stage:

The Chill In :: an area for soft, downtempo dancing.

The Chill Out :: a perfect spot to sit, relax and listen to the music while communicating with those around you.

The Sleep Out :: a space to slumber away in the arms of the music while staying in touch with the party.

ZambuKids :: As your family is our family we want them to feel safe, comfortable and happy to be at our Gathering. As such, we developed an area dedicated to the young ones. You can take part in the fun and free activities with your children or give the honour to our fully trained childcare professionals, who will take care them while you experience a moment for yourself.

Zen Bu Space :: A place of serenity that will allow you to explore and experience unique and powerful therapies in a safe environment with experienced professionals. ZNA is always a life-changing experience, where we rethink and often reinvent ourselves. Deconstructing everything we thought to be true, and the processes we use to do so can be tough on the body, mind and soul, so the Zen Bu Space is there to help.


We have chosen the shadiest area of the ZNA Land to provide comfort for all Zambu campers.

You are welcome to bring your tent and use this area to build your nest.