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Universo Paralello NYE Festival (Brazil)


Wednesday 27 December 2017


Praia de Pratigi- BA, Itubera, Brazil


27th December 2017 - 3rd January 2018


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AAA 02072678320




Universo Paralello

We wish you all a great end of year full of good health, love, happiness and psychedelic!!! UP Crew!

Enlightened masters have taught us that “life has seven-year cycles; it moves in seven-year orbits just as the Earth completes a spin around its axis in twenty-four hours. Nobody know why it doesn’t take twenty-five or twenty-three hours. There is no way to answer that … it is simply a fact.”

Universo Paralello ushers in its third cycle … The epic 13th edition was indeed the closing of a cycle. A unique event, with an unprecedented casting of artists … The history of Trance flashing before our very eyes. Reaching the 13th edition was the goal of a lifetime in itself.

Mission accomplished.

And now we have reached Universo Paralello 14. It is a new beginning, a novel journey but with the added experience of 13 editions held in 17 years of work. This story (and history) has been crafted by thousands of hands.

We summon our friends for yet another journey. Throughout the year we will be releasing the names of the artists that will be performing in the many stages of the event. We will also inform you of all the parallel cultural, environmental, travelling activities as well as travelling tips, info on infrastructure, tickets and everything else to help you get to the Festival and enjoy it to the full.

Stay tuned to the Festival’s website and related pages on Social Media.

GPS Location

Beach Pratigi Area Rural Itubera

Municipality of Itubera – BA

CEP: 45435-000

Latitude: -13.71396

Longitude: -38.993011

BR Next: BA001 / BA650 & BR101

Distance from the center of Ituberá, 28 km.