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Transition Festival 10th Anniversary


Wednesday 25 April 2018


Donana Natural Park -Almonte - Huelva (Spain)


25th - 30th April 2018


Advance Phase IV: tickets for now


£76.00 (incl booking fee)


AAA 02072678320


Transition Festival 10th Anniversary

Please Check the Festival Website for more detailed Information

Transition Festival celebrates 10 years of history in 2018. This unique gathering wants to thank you, because this party is moving foward thanks to you. There are many reasons justifying its situation, like the moment and the place it is celebrated. Transition Festival offers a particular concept: the trance dance initiation with a constructive intention, expanding human consciousness and its relation with the soul, the body, and the centre of power. Transition comes from latin ("tránsito"): change of position, estate, or concept. Its meaning is so deep that the mind tries to reject it. Remember the ego is always afraid to changes...

MAIN FLOOR:Openning Ceremony, Wednesday 25th April 2018, 22:22

This is the place where the ancient ritual of the trance dance experience is initiated, offering a unique psychedelic adventure as a synergetic reactor. There will come a moment while you are dancing, when music starts opening and you start listening things that are not really there... This is what we call Transition!


Alternative Area is about a careful combination of creative energies to create a coherent psychedelic journey. Ritual is taking care of the music program and the workshop program taking place in the Alternative Area.

Flea Market Area

The market provides a fine selection of clothes and decorating objects for your festival. This place is specially designed for families or tribes who want to contribute with their creativity to the event.


Nature, forest, magic, colours... everything is part of the decoration... each tree, bush, shadow, the moon, the stars... the sunset in front of the stage... the sunrise behind... everything is transformed into a unique and beautiful mystical adventure.


Transition is an open free party, so come and be part of it! Performers from different places around the world meet during the full moon Transition Festival to honor dancing as a form of art.


Transition Festival gives you the entire priviledge of parking and camping all in the same place in a magical location. This facility is really necessary for festivals, since we might need to save our personal stuff inside the cars or caravans while we are touring around. The camping area has been completely renewed showing a healthy aspect to all new visitors. We do encourage you to make use of the garbage deposit; this will help to keep up the area completely clean, and you will get 5 € at your departure, some useful money after the experience to take a cab, or whatever you need.