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Astral Circus


Friday 24 November 2017


Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ London, UK, 10pm – 6am


10pm – 6am




AAA 02072678320




Astral Circus

JOURNEY aka Jay OM LIMITLESS London album launch party

YES!!!!.... Astral Circus is back!!

After a long voyage light-years through multiple universes Astral Circus has once again landed, ripping through the space-time fabric and beaming psychedelic frequencies directly into the consciousness of our colourful and crazy community. Be prepared for an incredible, full immersion experience that joins us together in hearts, minds and spirits. We have returned!

Over the past year the Astral Circus team have been busy collaborating with other promotions to bring you some of the best psychedelic trance parties in London (including Psymera, Tribal Village, Troxy Events, Shattered Barriers & much more).

But now the team is back together to bring you a night of psychedelic delights as Astral Circus is their passion, their love, their way of expressing creativity, and supporting the creativity of other artists. Through the expression of sound, light and colour we create a circus of astral proportions for you to explore your own creativity, fun and adventure.!!


▷ Space Tribe (TIP Records)

▷ Journey aka Jay OM (Free-Spirit Records)

★★ Worldwide ‘Limitless’ album launch party ★★

▷ Nikki S (Alchemy Records/Astral Circus/Psymera)

▷ Bahar Canca (Psy-Boutique)

▷ Cathar (Iono Records)

▷ Octave Shifter (Biopulse Records)

▷ Andy Force (Astral Circus)

▷ Psyana (Boundless Records)

★★★ White Room – Psychedelic Alternative ★★★

▷ Ben Coda (Lowering the Tone/Iboga Records)

▷ Halfred (Merkaba Music/Shanti Planti)

▷ Баxтак (Outtallectuals/Ethnofusion)

▷ Aztekh (Bom Shanka Music)

▷ Amaluna aka Mudstompin Munkee b2b Flibbertigibbet

★★★ Decor ★ Visuals ★ Production ★ Chill Out Courtyard ★★★

★★ Live visual art projection mapping by vj baby k ★★

★★ DECOR by GeoMatrix Design, Cognitive Dissidents & inOrbit ★★

As with all previous Astral Circus events, it will be a fusion of energies to create a carnival of our collective consciousness. Expect nothing but quality sound, prismatic visual production and of course... our special psychedelic family!