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Boom Festival 2018


Sunday 22 July 2018


Idanha-a-Nova Lake, Portugal


22nd-29th July 2018


Limited Advanced Tickets Only


020 7267 8320


Boom Festival 2018: 22nd-29th July 2018

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<>Boom is a festival dedicated to Free Spirits from all over the world. It is the gathering of the global psychedelic tribe and of whoever feels the call to join in the celebrations!! A unpredictable and unforgettable week-long adventure, it takes place, every two years, during the full moon, on the shores of a magnificent lake in the sunny Portuguese inland where everyone is invited!


Dance Temple

The tapestry of the Dance Temple is woven by an infinite symmetrical arrangement. The threads of its sacred geometric formation outlines its definitive structure: a catalyst for spiralling, vibrational patterns of colour, light, energy, sound.

Alchemy Circle

A place dedicated to the fusion between music genres, great architecture and a positive dance floor. That's the Alchemy Circle, not an alternative stage, but one of Boom's main attractions with a superb vibe.

Chill Out Gardens

This is ambient heaven for connoisseurs of the comfort groove — and it embodies the principles of a garden designed for mental and physical relaxation.

Scare Fire

Fly into the enchanted forest at low altitude to meditate, contemplate and allow GROUNDATION to activate. The organic composition of the Sacred Fire is a pure labour of LOVE..

Liminal Village

Change begins with knowledge! As the need for a lifestyle and mentality shift becomes ever more apparent, Boom has become a cultural hub buzzing with pioneering ideas, eclectic practices and progressive plans of action and projects for positive change.

NGO Django

Collective action is the most constructive solution for re-shaping the social landscape. In order to tackle the issues that are harming not only the Sacred Earth and its biodiversity, but the Human species too, it is fundamental we join forces to bring forward new ideas and make every effort to proactively put them to use.

Art Installations

Art is the heart of Boom. It has the power to bring down invisible borders and defy physio-cultural divisions. A unifying force, it continues to takes a powerful stance at Boom.


Post-apocalyptic circus troupes, urban street artists, jugglers and fire artists with mind-boggling skills, and extraterrestrial clowns mingle with the Boomers. This cosmic carnival inspires us to return to that innocent and blissful state of mind we had as a child when the circus came to town.

Nataraj (Dance Stage)

The name is aptly inspired by the Hindu “King of the Dance”, Shiva Nataraj, or Nataraja. This highly symbolic figure conveys a never ending circle of time, as well as the rhythm of the cosmos and harmony of life. Often framed in a circle of cosmic energy, Nataraj is depicted dancing the Tandava, a dance which both creates and destroys the universe. Through this dance, Nataraj frees himself from the illusory world.

Museum of Visionary Art

From ancient times to the digital age, from shamans to hippies – whenever human beings pushed open the doors of perception, it inspired them to manifest their visual experience in an unique art form. The Museum of Visionary Art is dedicated exclusively to this art form, in all its contemporary splendour.

Being Fields

What began as a small-scale project is today one of the most sought-after areas of the festival. Formerly known as the Healing Area, the Being Fields are like stepping into a festival within a festival. This is the spiritual epicenter of Boom that radiates to the whole Boomland.

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